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Lloyd Taft House by Gwathmey and Siegel

Modernist Architecture in Cincinnati

Special thanks to CF3 (Cincinnati Form Follows Function) for sponsoring this site.


In the mid-20th-century, from the 1930s-60s, Cincinnati practitioners created architecture and planning that is of local, national, and international significance. Indeed, Cincinnati played an important but unrecognized role in the arrival and development of International Style Modernism in the United States. Cincinnati's Modernist buildings and places form a highly progressive legacy in a city that is frequently--and mistakenly-- viewed as predominantly conservative. 


The Modernnati team has been involved in the documentation and preservation of Cincinnati Modernist architecture since 2008. This site is an ongoing project that will attempt to share knowledge of Modernism in Cincinnati based on research and use of the archival materials collected by the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Library (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati. 


We welcome your stories. Please contact us if you wish to contribute.

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